First blog postΒ 

Trying out new blog!

Bored with dayre πŸ˜…

Trying my best to post out about my motherhood journey with my kids and my life as a wife and about life…

Its a rollercoaster life, honestly i just keep telling myself to keep on walking and be positive in life, all for my kids.

Hopefully i can keep up to date this blog everyday 😊



Biggest pet peeved!Β 

Lately… i cannot stand orang kedekut mau mampus! πŸ˜‚

Dont get me wrong ah, x kaitan dengan biznes πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

Seriously…. why do they have to be that way even in small things?? No wonder until now their life didnt anywhere than the foot that they always stand!! I mean teda kemajuan la…including mentally πŸ˜’

They should think like this “the more you give, the more you receive” bah… bukannya minta kau duit 100 pun kan tapi x payah mau mengira πŸ˜‘

Macam bosan pula saya mau dengar orang macam ni slalu. Kalau depend sma orang kasi ko free, senang, blanja saja…. ko pikir lucu ka? Yesss i am judging these people’s life right now! Macam pathetic pun ada ba.

Phewwww……. ok enough said.

Balik pigi positive ring 😊 

One more size up

At 2 years 3mos Hayden i think already at 12kg and his diaper is one size up again to XXL πŸ˜…

His XL diapers now leave deep mark on his waist and sometimes i can see that he’s not comfortable with it. So i think i have to try the XXL size. 

But diaper with tape he is still on XL.

Year 2 BM

Why the hell they need to know about imbuhan apitan.. etc etc at this early stage?

I dont remember learning bout it during my year 2 last time. And i clearly remember we worked so hard for to memorize multiplication ONLY during year 3 😁 

But Dania already started on multiplication..!


Over myself πŸ€”

When Dania was a toddler i have all the sweet time preparing her food! 

Specially for breakfast and tea break AKA snack time in between. I baked cake for her eventhough she only eat chocolate and banana cake, i fry anything for her to munch, i prepare any biscuit and milk for her even cook some kueh πŸ˜…

Now after two kids i have no idea why am i such a lazy ass! I mean i did prepare quite variety of food but i can feel that it is lack of effort!! Yes no effort! Just 30% i assume πŸ˜”

I feel like kicking my butt to move and do it just like last time! 

My food planning :

– cheese crepe

– banana cake FROM SCRATCH ah anne!

– pasta (well dania not a fan but hayden yes!)

That is all i can think for now.

I planned to do my floral painting today but then i didn’t even touch them once! So much things to do. Im worried if i even abandon my books! 

Hahaha!! If i didnt read at all day time, i make my night time reading before bed from now. Fix time! 😁

Reality sucks routine sucks!

Yep you can tell i am annoyed because the school holiday has ended and im not feeling well 😀

But i am glad that our holiday was well spent with our family. Dania had fun with my cousins and aunt. Hayden had so much attention from my cousins and my mum and my sister! And me? I am happy to found a new hobby that i can do together with Dania anytime we want. 

Watercolour painting! 😊 In handlettering i am still meh at those part. There are some improvement to be honest but i am not satisfied yet. 

The problem with me i easily get frustrated when i do a million times and NOTHING come out good! Honestly i feel like ignoring them πŸ˜… even my leafs sucks!! but floral painting goes sooo well with some quote dont they? 

In my opinion brushes play the biggest role in this hobby. I mean you need to have good brush eventhough i just used the rm4.50 watercolour πŸ˜… and so i decided to order a few of the brushes soon! 

Dont ask me any other brand of tools in this watercolour handlettering hobby, i have nooo idea at all but im glad that i have friends that i can ask some direction when i need to know them 😊 So guys dont be surprise if i suddenly ask you the most ‘bonus’ question ah 🀣

I succeeded!

Today me and my mum went to suria to do “a little” shopping trip. Yes i said “a little” because the reason from this trip ONLY TO BUY THINGS THAT I PLANNED TO BUY AT THE FIRST PLACE.

I manage to buy the art stuff at Popular, and few books! Yes! In book issue i wont say or thin “eermm do i/we need that?” We always need book at home! I bought one counting book for Hayden and 3 new novel for me πŸ˜† and i didn’t feel guilty at all!

Eating outside was the one i said i can do better. I mean if only it was just me and my mum its okay for me but spending food for someone else too (which i didnt even invite to join us to go shooping) makes me sigh… jahat ka begitu? πŸ˜‚ kenny rogers ba! πŸ˜‚

And then at Watson my mum go all out for the stuff there πŸ˜… and i tumpang her basket only. BUT makeup….. i was sooooo tempted to get new foundation or new eyebrow liner or blusher. I keep on saying no no nooo to myself just now πŸ˜‚ Luckily i was distracted by Hayden, chasing him around the shop πŸ˜‘


FOS has variety of kid’s slippers and that’s my plan too to buy slipper for Hayden because he didnt own one. And few tshirt for hub because he need them. His tshirt which he always wear started to worn out and have small tear already. Yang penting ada DISCOUNT! 🀣

Other things that i spent was groceries.

Things that i refrained myself :

– Daiso stuff

– adidas shirt and pants

– makeup at watson

– flat shoes at metrojaya

– short pants at FOS

– Loccitane (I literally stopped myself from following my mum just now to go to Loccitane!) πŸ˜‘ 

Extra things that i bought :

– bought mum adidas pants

– teatime

– hub’s tshirt

Guilty feeling on : 

– didn’t buy anything for Dania πŸ˜… 

πŸ‘†πŸ» that feeling is the most dangerous things above all! Then i always end up at Toyrus with Dania! Rm200 just gone like that! And that usually happen when hub is with us. Luckily he’s in keningau.

I just hope we wont spend anymore time at the mall when hub come and fetch us this weekend πŸ˜…


Yesterday morning when i woke up i didnt have any coffee at all. I decided to have vico instead (because i felt like slight gastric the night before) and tausa bun for breakfast since me and my sister was rushing to go out.

I felt like my head and body is heavy and weak. 

Yes to that quotes! πŸ‘†πŸ»

I NEED TO HAVE COFFEE in the morning! Like every morning! All the while throughout the morning till afternoon i keep thinking about having nescafe. That smell! πŸ˜‹

Went home at 1pm still I didn’t make any coffee because I’m still full from my lunch. But by 3pm i cannot tahan anymore from my sleepiness and the feeling of tired but not actually really tired i made myself one small cup the nescafe, and it felt oh-sooooo-good!!! 

I can really feel that it makes me feel more energize πŸ˜… are you like that too mommies?

Walau nescafe 3in1 saja its enough for me. I dont have any specific kind of coffee to boost me up. Be it americano or kopi tenom… yang penting the coffee is in there and its kaw! πŸ˜… That’s why eventhough i have my barista machine i still want the taste of nescafe 3in1. Variety ba.

Even hub said that i drink too much of nescafe! I told him “no lah, i just drink 2 times a day, in the morning and teatime after fetching Dania from school…. well maybe at 11pm too…” πŸ˜… Tapi last ayat tu tus kasi slow suara ah! Is it too much? 

Coffee win!

Last few months i tried one of this supplement and it require for me not taking any caffeine, if not it wont have any effect. Its true! 

Its like everyday i tried to make choices whether to give up the coffee for that day or be damn with the supplement and enjoy my coffee eventhough i consume it πŸ˜‚ 

Yes! Coffee win. I still didn’t finish the supplement until now. What’s the use? πŸ˜‚

Daily task that i annoyed

And my room always the main target! 

Thanks to Hayden the leader of moving the toys from their toy room to my room. He will pushed the container full of toys then he either play one by one with them or he trow all of them on the floor πŸ˜‘

Asking him to tidy afterwards is quite difficult. Sometimes he did coorperate but most of the time he will just ignore you by doing something else πŸ˜’

Hub is the one get easily annoyed with what Hayden did πŸ˜… and i get more annoyed when that happen! I told him there’s no use to complain it now it will happen no matter what so just deal with it! 

Sometimes i was too tired to tell them to tidy their mess so i just did it myself hahaa! 

The prove πŸ‘†πŸ» 

Most of it is Dania’s toy but the culprit is the little boy.

Crutial planning


Lately i been thinking alot how to refrain myself or us as a family from buying stuff all the time even like going to a small supermarket.


I realized that in a week its like 3x we did groceries. Its that normal? 

Groceries like wet food (chicken, vege etc), milk, bread, eggs, frozen food (dania’s recess food)…. Those stuff are the one that makes us keep coming back to the shop πŸ˜‘ So when that happens other things also will go into the cart! 

But there’s one time i didnt bring cash. Inside my purse is just enough to buy some can drinks, and when i remembered that at home one of the food need to buy already because its going to finish soon, so hub ask do i have cash? I said no, if you want go and withdraw some money. Nothing happen, end up didnt even stop by at any shop! I like that way!

Nowadays i train myself to hold my heart when i want to buy something. I ask: 

“do we need it immediately?” 

“Is it that important to have it TODAY?”

“Is there anything at home that can be replace with the things that i wanna buy?”

I told myself everytime that “IT CAN WAIT” πŸ˜‘ sooooooo hard ok! Not easy! Especially when it comes to the groceries stuff πŸ˜”

I wanna be cheapskate person from now on. Even buying my book i think twice but still i said atleast once a month ONLY. I will try! No more charity whatsoever.

No more ‘big’ toys for the kids. Unimportant stuff from Daiso or Kaison. Yes! Im like that when going to that shops! Buy things that not even important. This term is going to be the hardest one too since i like option in anything in my household!

Bagi kelonggaran when comes to lunch during week days because school day usually tapau day. I estimated around rm20 including drinks. STILL i will try my best not to tapau everyday, sometimes maybe i can bring food from home even if its just some fried eggs πŸ˜…


New cup/Im glad

Last night i fall asleep quite early than usual. Probably 9.30 or 10pm i totally passed out on the bed while resting myself and entertained Hayden abit with some animals book.

I did stirred few times with Hayden and Dania playing inside the room. I heard Dania asked Hayden to keep quiet because im sleeping. I heard hub was talking to them to watch the movie with him, then atlast heard him coaxing Hayden to go to sleep and stop playing the toys…

I feel that i am glad that one of these days i can sneak some time for myself to rest for awhile like last night to gain some energy after a long day from routine. Im glad that Dania big enough to entertain Hayden. Im glad that Hayden when it comes to me sleeping and he see me shutting my eyes he didnt bother me at all unless if nobody accompany him at all. 

Using this kind of cup already for Hayden to drink his milk or juices… and the bottle with straw only for his water. 

This cup is way easy to clean! Love it! Luckily Hayden knows how to use it, so spilling is almost never happen.